Welcome to the online home of the Lithospheric Geophysics Group in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Texas at El Paso!

The Lithospheric Geophysics group is led by Dr. Marianne Karplus, and our research is focused on studying structure and dynamics of the Earth’s lithosphere from the shallow cryosphere and critical zone to the upper mantle using a suite of active- and passive-source seismic methods.


We use seismic imaging at a variety of scales to better understand faults, active mountain building, glaciers, hydrologic, and geothermal systems. We aim to illuminate the 3D structures and compositions in these environments and then to use those models to answer scientific questions about the tectonic evolution, earthquake hazards, glacier evolution and change, and/ or geothermal and hydrological recharge.

We are particularly interested in integrating active-source (e.g., seismic reflection and refraction) methods with passive-source (e.g., earthquake locations, tomography, ambient noise) seismic methods and other diverse datasets.

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Opening for graduate students
We recruit new Ph.D. and M.S. students almost every year.
Please contact Marianne Karplus for more information. 
Dawson Field Trip
Many thanks to Dawson Geophysical for hosting our group of 13 UTEP students and staff for a field trip to a 3D seismic survey in Carlsbad, NM! 

Seismology & Tectonics News

Pecos Sunrise
Beautiful sunrise in Pecos, TX during field work for the Pecos seismicity project in 2019