Selected Research Topics

Tectonics of the Himalaya and Tibetan Plateau

Using seismic and geophysical data to improve structural models of the Main Himalayan Thrust and other faults/ structures in the Himalaya and Tibetan Plateau.


Thwaites Interdisciplinary Margin Evolution (TIME)

Using active-source seismic and geophysical data to understand the role of shear margin dynamics in the future evolution of Thwaites Glacier drainage basin in Antarctica.


West Texas Seismicity

Investigating West Texas seismicity and structure with dense geophone arrays.


Seismic imaging and hydrology of Lemon Creek Glacier, Alaska

Active- and passive-source seismic imaging of Lemon Creek Glacier, part of the Juneau Icefield in Southeast Alaska.


Seismic imaging and monitoring of geothermal systems

Active- and passive-source seismic imaging of the Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (collaboration with University of Utah) and Brady Hot Springs, Nevada (collaboration with University of Wisconsin Madison).

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International Lithosphere Program (ILP) Coordinating Committee for Himalayan Seismicity and Tectonics

This ILP Coordinating Committee on Himalayan Seismicity and Tectonics aims to promote collaboration and bring together researchers working in the Himalaya by organizing special interest group meetings and workshops at international conferences.